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Poker Night

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There’s a reason that poker night is a synonym for lads night. On poker night it’s a time when men can be men. Knowing how to play is a requirement of manhood. So if you don’t know your flush from a full-house or you’re convinced that Poker Face is all about Lady Gaga – this isn’t the stag do activity for you. But if you think you’ve got the skill and the balls to approach the green felt table and walk away a winner – then poker night is your night.

There’s few classier ways to start an evening than with poker. There’s a reason that Casino Royale was based all around the card game – if there’s one thing that James Bond knows it’s sophistication. So take your cue from Daniel Craig, dress up to the nines, get focused and let’s deal. Your game will run for up to two hours, so there’s plenty of time for you to rob your mates of their pride and their beer money. Real world croupiers will be on hand throughout to provide the evening with a thoroughly professional air. Your Poker Night is a man’s game that’ll bond you all across your stag party, it’s the perfect activity for a close knit bunch of guys.

As you try and read one another’s bluffs you’ll find out how much you really know one another.


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